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Jaine Hannath

Inclusive Education and Development Practitioner
Registered with ASCHP, SACE, IESA and DSi


I am a Sand Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Educational and Developmental Practitioner specialising in individual, family and group transformation using holistic integrative techniques.

With sand play therapy and narrative therapy I provide a holistic, non-judgmental, free and protective space to transform the unconscious into conscious. This contained but fluid approach encourages healing in a gentle, non-threatening, non-invasive way.

Adults and children often lack the vocabulary to express themselves when struggling with obscure thoughts and seemingly impulsive behaviour, so I help them show, “this is my world – this is me”.

How do I help someone find the words to express what they are feeling or experiencing?

I have over 25 years of extensive transformational, developmental and educational experience helping adults and children make positive changes in their lives.

My work with children and teenagers (including mainstream, neuro-divergent and children with physical differences) experiencing academic, social and behavioural difficulties has equipped me with the skills to ask the right questions and then support the adult or child while they find their own “words to say it” and so change their narrative.

To discuss how sand play and story-telling can provide a way to re-author your or your child’s life, please contact me.

Areas of Expertise


Personal development and support of:
Stagnation / depression/ anxiety
Conflict family
Conflict work
Conflict with inner self
Parental involvement as part of a child or adolescent in therapy – connection before correction
Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)

CHILDREN and teenagers

Education and development

Reticence through poor self-esteem / bullying

Relationship development intervention

Problems at school
Scaffolding and platform teaching
Behavioural issues
Emotional issues: stagnation / depression/ anxiety
Experiencing grief or loss through divorce or death
Re-Direction – Connection before Correction
Zone of Proximal Development – ZPD (Mastery)

CHILDREN with cognitive or physical differences

Education and Development
Relationship Development Intervention (RDI)
HANDLE: Holistic Approach to Neurological Development and Linguistic Efficiency
Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) (scaffolding and platform teaching)
Natural Environmental Training (NAT)
Zone of Proximal Development – ZPD (Mastery)
Experiencing grief or loss through divorce or death
Re-direction – connection before correction


Education and development
Intervention before parents seeking a medical diagnosis
Grade R to 6
Exams – Reading scribe
Grades 4 to Matric
Exams – Writing scribe
Grades 4 to Matric
Reading diagnostics for grades 1 to 6
Wise Eye
Grades R to 6


When I first heard about Sandplay Therapy, I automatically assumed something to help only children. Not so. I have been to two sessions now and both have been completely different in terms of my engagement with the material as well as engagement with myself. Jaine has a remarkable way of integrating all her studies, skills, knowledge and wisdom and she used this to observe, guide and comment on the emergence of deep underlying issues in my subconscious that had been playing out as saboteurs in my life. The feedback she gave me has been invaluable as an anchor for me as well as a waymarker to show me that the hardcore emotional and mental work can (and often must) be approached playfully in order to get the real benefit. I’ll be returning for another session soon to see what other scenes need to be displayed for healing. Thank you Jaine, you are a true asset to children and adults alike, seeking resolution, integration and self development.


I just want to say ‘thank you’ once more. My daughter has improved so much-it’s just incredible! She is much more confident in herself and manages her school task now very well. I’ve no idea how you did this – in just six weeks -but you’ve helped her really very much.  

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+27 72 540 4029

1 Milkwood Close, Kalk Bay